Fiber Optic Devices

Fiber Optic Devices

DIMO Corp. offers military and aerospace components and parts support for fiber optic devices including multiplexers, rotary joints (FORJ), and modems.

Fiber Optic Modems

  • Single channel FOMs
  • Single channel IP FOMs
  • MD-1358-G dual FOMs
  • Multi-channel FOMs
  • EuroFOM
  • Add/drop repeater
  • Line terminating unit (LTU)
  • Optical distribution frame
  • Tactical connector fiber optic modems
  • Tactical fiber optic cable assembly (TFOCA)
  • Multi-channel data fiber optic modems

Fiber Optic Multiplexers (Media Converters)

  • Focal™ Multiplexer Product Line
  • Prizm™ Multiplexer Product Line

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

  • Single channel
  • Multi-channel
  • Hybrid
  • Complete rotary interfaces