Motors & Servomotors

Motors Servomotors

DIMO Corp. specializes in supplying both fractional horsepower DC motors as well as brushless servomotors.

Our OEM fractional horsepower DC motors are electronically commutated (brushless) or mechanically commutated (brush) motion components that provide high-performance operation in a compact package design for a wide range of industrial, aerospace and military applications.

Our OEM servomotors are electronically commutated synchronous AC motors with permanent magnet field excitation, specifically designed for highly dynamic servo industrial applications where positioning times of 30 milliseconds or less are often the standard.

We supply the following motors and servomotors:

Brush Motors

  • Avionics Brush DC Motors
  • Brush Torque Motors
  • Cube Torque Brush DC Motors
  • Gearmotors
  • Miniature High Torque DC Motors
  • Optical Encoders
  • Permanent Magnet DC Servomotors

Servo Motors

  • Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors
  • Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors
  • Explosion Proof Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors
  • Specialized Servomotors for Wind Turbine Pitch Control

Brushless Motors

  • Brushless Torque Motors
  • Gearmotors
  • Limited Rotation Motors
  • Miniature Brushless DC Motors
  • Optical Encoders
  • Outside Brushless DC Motors
  • Silencer Series Brushless DC Motors
  • Silencer Series Drive Electronics
  • Toroidally Wound Brushless DC Motors

Linear Motors

  • Tubular Linear Motors
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