F-16 Falcon Parts

F-16 Falcon Parts

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DIMO Corp. is a distributor/representative to a number of major North American and European companies. With our extensive F-16 Falcon parts inventory, we can provide complete 24-hour parts and component support for military aircraft. We are able to quickly obtain difficult to find items with competitive pricing utilizing our numerous aerospace contacts. Please view our partial parts list for the F-16 or contact us for a complete list of parts and component capabilities with F-16 fuel systems, hydraulics, actuators, landing gear, wheels, brakes, avionics, instruments, and more surplus parts and categories.

F-16 Nose Wheel Steering Actuator (NWSA) P/N 5136L000-4

F-16 Nose Wheel Steering Actuator (NWSA) P/N 5136L000-4
  • Single pigtail wire harness
  • Y-splits into twin connector assembly
  • Production-ready
  • No aircraft mod required
  • USAF-approved configuration
  • NSN: 1650-01-564-8619
  • Alternate P/N: 2006907-105

1 Roll Actuator, LANTIRN 1270-01-370-6565
2 Roll Actuator, LANTIRN 1270-01-380-8079
3 Roll Actuator, LANTIRN 1270-01-380-8098
4 Deroll Actuator, LANTIRN 1270-01-393-2380
5 16VM003003-6 Torque Bar, Fusible 1560-01-043-3793
6 2-300-01318-1 EXPANDER ASSEMBLY 1560-01-072-1223
7 2-300-3579-1 FAIRING, AIRCRAFT 1560-01-164-5981
8 57640 NLG STEERING VALVE 1620-01-054-0042
9 16VL013004-1 NLG STEERING VALVE 1620-01-054-0042
10 1211180-002 NLG RET/EXT ACTUATOR 1620-01-058-6153