We have the experience to meet your in-flight refueling mission needs with system capabilities to refuel both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. DIMO Corp. is a distributor for Cobham Mission Equipment / Sargent Fletcher parts and components.

Cobham / Sargent Fletcher has produced aerial refueling systems for KC-130 tanker variants including the latest KC-130J, HC-130J, and MC-130J. Cobham / Sargent Fletcher also offers wingtip pods for the conversion of Boeing 707 aircraft to the tanker role.

DIMO Corp. can supply replacement parts for the below mentioned in-flight refueling systems, this will include all replacement piece parts and overhaul repair capabilities for sub-system accessories and components. We are also capable of supporting C-130 repair and overhaul of parts and components.

Refueling Pods

Wing-tip aerial refueling pods are designed as a ready interface for aircraft tanker conversion. The pods, self-powered by a Ram Air Turbine, feature a hose-and-drogue refueling system and an integral fuel boost pump which provides a fuel transfer capability up to 450 GPM (1703 L/min) at 45 to 55 PSI (310 to 379 kPa).

Buddy Stores
Cobham / Sargent Fletcher is the world leader in buddy-store technology.  The buddy store is a combination external fuel tank and hose reel mounted on tactical aircraft.  The 31-301 buddy store is used extensively by the U.S. Navy, converting the S-3 and F/A-18E/F into tactical tankers.  The 31-301 is also being considered for a similar role on the Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft. The 31-300 Series Buddy Store can be used on the A-4 and A-6 for in-flight refueling integration.

Fuselage Refueling and Hose Drum Units

Adaptable to many different platforms, fuselage refueling and hose drum units provide Tanker Aircraft to Receiver Aircraft probe and drogue refueling. Mounted in the aircraft or in a wing-mounted pod, the unit becomes a subsystem installed on a tanker aircraft.

Cobham / Sargent Fletcher manufactures various fuselage-mounted hose reels.  For example, the FR600 hose reel is mounted in the fuselage of the U.S. Air Force KC-10 tanker, making it suitable to refuel U.S. Navy and probe-equipped aircraft from various allied forces.  The Omega Tanker/Transport conversion of the Boeing 707-300 aircraft features multiple Cobham / Sargent Fletcher FR300 Hose Reel systems installed in what was formerly the aft baggage compartment.  Recent U.S. Navy flight tests, with the Omega successfully refueling F/A-18 aircraft, have shown fuel transfer rates in excess of 500 GPM.

Cobham / Sargent Fletcher 48-000 wing pods and FR300 hose drum units are the standards for KC-130H aerial refueling.


All Cobham / Sargent Fletcher drogues have unique patented ‘low Foreign Object Damage’ construction which eliminates any parts that would cause receiver engine damage in case of breakage. There are currently 3 different types of drogue available; fixed geometry, low-speed variable drag, and high-speed variable drag. An all speed variable drag drogue is currently under development. The high-speed drogues are all compatible with NATO STANAG 3447 compliant probes, with the low-speed VDD being compatible with all Helicopter and Tilt Rotor probes.

In-Flight Refueling Products

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Model (Part Number) Application NSN
Refueling Pods
34″ Series
Wing Air Refueling Pod (34-000-48317)
48″ Series
Wing Air Refueling Pod (48-000-4862)
KC-130, HC-130, MC-130, KC-130J 1560-01-388-9498 (-1 Series)
1560-01-251-1741 (-2 Series)
1560-01-388-9498 (-4 Series)
Buddy Stores
Buddy Buddy Store (28-300-48116)
Panavia Tornado 1560-01-146-9551
Buddy Buddy Store (31-300-48053)
A-4, A-6, A-7 1680-00-804-1968 (-1 Series)
1680-00-109-7324 (-2 Series)
Buddy Buddy Store (31-301-48318)
A-4, A-6, A-7, S-3A, S-3B, F/A-18E/F
Fuselage Refueling and Hose Drum Units
Fuselage Refueling Unit Skydrol (149R1001-118)
Hose Reel Assembly (149R1501 Various)
KC-130, HC-130, MC-130 1680-01-023-3165 Various
Hose Drum Unit (233-1070)
Hose Drum Unit (224-1070)
High Speed Variable Drag Drogue (VDD)
A330 MRTT, NATO STANAG 3447 Compliant Probes
Low Speed Variable Drag Drogue (VDD)
AFSOC Combat Talon II,
All Helicopter and Tilt Rotor Probes
Fixed Geometry Drogue
STANAG Compliant
ADV DROGUE B707T/T, F-18, Tornado
Fuel Tank Certifier
Universal Fuel Tank Certifier (401287-2)
A-4, C-130, F-5, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F/A-22, T-50 and Others

External Aircraft Fuel Tanks

Cobham / Sargent Fletcher has designed, qualified, and manufactured more than 30,000 370-gallon wing tanks and pylons for the F-16 aircraft, more than 8000 600-gallon tanks for the F-15 aircraft, more than 3000 275-gallon centerline/wing tanks for the F-5 aircraft, and more than 400 330-gallon centerline/wing tanks for the F/A-18 aircraft.

Cobham / Sargent Fletcher has produced external fuel tanks for USAF fighter aircraft dating back to the P-38.

In addition to external fuel tanks for fighter aircraft, Cobham / Sargent Fletcher also produces the 1360-gallon tank for the C-130 transport, as well as, a complete line of double-walled, internal fuel tanks for commercial aircraft.

External Aircraft Fuel Tanks

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Model (Part Number) Application
Nestable Fuel Tank (270370-5738)
F-16, F-5, A-4, Mirage 5, etc.
1360 Gallon
External Fuel Tank (305J001)
300 Gallon
External Fuel Tank (2-300-4859-6)
370 Gallon
External Fuel Tank (27-370-48260-19)
600 Gallon
External Fuel Tank (400945-15)

Aircraft Special Purpose Pods & Pylons

Special Purpose Pods and Pylons are used as permanent and/or temporary installation on applicable aircraft for special missions. All pods and pylons are built to military specifications containing the mounting structure to secure the mission payload components. With primary and secondary structure, the pods and pylons exhibit a service life relative to repeated air loads, vibratory forces and thermal loads.  Accessibility to internal components plays a major role in location and design of removable access panels to ensure maintainability of both pods and pylons.

Since the start of building specialized aircraft captive carry pods in the 1960s, Cobham / Sargent Fletcher has built over 1000 pods with functions covering Reconnaissance, Jamming, Data Link, Instrumentation, Electro-Optical, and a host of other functions.

Special Purpose Pods

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Model (Part Number) Application NSN
Cargo/Travel Pod (402136-3)
F-15, F-16, AV-8, A-10 1680-01-538-0545
Next Generation Cargo Pod (400850-3)
F-16 1680-01-459-1268


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Model (Part Number) Application NSN
Universal Pylon (400666-5) C-130 Hercules
in-flight refueling components