Life Support Equipment

DIMO Corp. is a distributor for the world’s leading manufacturer of military and aviation life support systems and their associated oxygen generation systems, including OBOGS (On Board Oxygen Generating System), aviation oxygen, actuation and control, oxygen concentrators, oxygen generation systems, oxygen regulators, closed looped diving rebreather systems, and military diving rebreathers.

Oxygen Systems

On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS)
  • Pilot Oxygen Regulators & Concentrators
  • Oxygen Monitors & Test Equipment
  • On Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS)
  • On Board Inert gas Generating Systems (OBIGGS)

Rebreather Systems

Military Diving Re-Breather Systems Viper-E
  • Underwater Military Diving Rebreathers
  • Chest Mounted Rebreathers
  • Closed Circuit & Semi Closed Circuit Systems
  • Electronically Controlled Mixed-Gas Breathing Systems

Restraint Systems

Restraint Systems
  • Fixed Wing Restraint Systems
  • Rotor Wing Restraint Systems
  • Combat Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Mobile Restraint Systems
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