Life Support and Oxygen Systems

On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS)
Oxygen Monitors
Portable Oxygen Bottle Systems
Oxygen Regulators
Ground Support Equipment

DIMO Corp. provides support and service for military aviation air separation systems. This product is the cutting edge air separation technology for aircraft application. The On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS) simplifies logistics for the military while saving millions of dollars annually.


OBOGS eliminates the need for liquid oxygen (LOX) by using the readily available bleed air from the aircraft’s engine. The bleed air is separated into its elements through molecular sieve technology to concentrate an unlimited supply of breathing oxygen. The oxygen is then monitored for purity and regulated before it is delivered to the pilot.

This system reduces the dependence for heavy, bulky oxygen bottles that add more stress and weight to the aircraft, as well as eliminates the risks associated with the handling and use of LOX. Most importantly, the OBOGS operational costs are significantly lower than outdated LOX systems.

On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS)

  • OC1009 Oxygen Concentrator (3261009-0105)
  • OC1077 Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator 3261077-0101)
  • OC1093 Oxygen Concentrator (3261093-0203)
  • OC1124 Oxygen Concentrator (3261124)
  • OC1129 Oxygen/Nitrogen Concentrator (3261129-0102)
  • OC1132 Oxygen Concentrator (3261132-0104)
  • OC1163 Oxygen Concentrator (3261163)
  • OC1165 High Pressure Oxygen Concentration System (3261165)
  • OC1169 Oxygen Concentrator (3261169)
  • OC1172 Oxygen Concentrator (3261172)

Portable Oxygen Bottle Systems

  • OG4008 Ceramic Oxygen Generating System (3275001-0301)
  • OS1130 Regulated Emergency Oxygen Systems (REOS) (3261130)
  • OS1600 Portable Oxygen System (1651600)
  • OS1006 Portable Oxygen System Assembly (3261006)

Ground Support Equipment

  • SE0223 PBG Oxygen Regulator Field Tester (3300223-Series/4920-01-095-8933)
  • TTU518A/E Aircraft Oxygen Systems Test Set (1582AS500-2)
  • TTU518A/E Oxygen Concentrator Test Set (1779AS500-1)
  • SE0223 PBG Oxygen Regulator Field Tester (3300223-Series/4920-01-095-8933)
  • SE0232 Inlet Valve Test Stand
  • SE0230 Oxygen Regulator Test Stand (3300230-Series)
  • SE1270 Concentrator Test Stand (3301270-Series)
  • SE1271 Monitor/Controller Test Stand (3301271-Series)

Oxygen Regulators

  • OR0004 Oxygen Regulator (3260004-0101)
  • OR0007 Oxygen Regulator (3260007)
  • OR0009 Oxygen Regulator (3260009-0101)
  • OR0014 CRU-82/P Oxygen Regulator (3260014-0401)
  • OR0024 CRU-79/A Oxygen Mask Regulator Assembly (3260024-0101)
  • OR0025 Oxygen Converter (3260025-0101)
  • OR0050 “Combat Edge” Oxygen Regulator (3260050-0101/3260050-0205)
  • OR0050 CRU-98/A Oxygen Regulator (3260050)
  • OR0060 CRU-93/A Oxygen Regulator (3260060-0108)
  • OR0079 Oxygen Regulator (3260079)
  • OR1006 Portable Oxygen System (3261006-Series)
  • OR1130 Emergency Oxygen System (3261130-0102)
  • OR2033 CRU-120 Regulated Connector (3262033-0102/3262033-0301)
  • OR2033 CRU-122/P Oxygen Regulator (3262033)
  • OR3006 LOX Converter (3263006-0101)
  • OR29255 Oxygen Regulator (29255-Series: CRU-55/A, CRU-97, CRU-68/A, CRU-47/A, CRU-49/A, CRU-44/A, CRU-96)
  • OR29261 Oxygen Regulator (29261-7E-A1)
  • OR29270 Oxygen Regulator (29270-Series: CRU-73/A, CRU-92/A)
  • OR29284 Oxygen Regulator (29284-7B-B1)
  • GU-313 Oxygen Control Panel Assembly (GU-313-B4)

Oxygen Monitors

  • OM0063 Solid State Oxygen Monitor (3270063-0102)
  • OM0063 Solid State Oxygen Monitor (3270063-0701)
  • OM0074 Panel Mount Oxygen Monitor (3270074-0201)
  • OM0083 OBIGGS Solid State Oxygen Monitor (3270083-0102)
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